09 April 2012

If Zimmerman Walks, Don't Blame the White Man ... BLAME IT ON THE HYPE!

We've all donned our hoodies. 

From the webcams in our homes to Rep. Bobby Rush getting booted off the House floor during his address. Just about everyone has found a way to somehow show their awareness and support for the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

Sadly, I believe that it's because of all of this awareness; which is more self-serving on the parts of many involved than for Martin and his family, will prove to be detrimental to George Zimmerman actually being brought to justice for taking Martin's life.

All of the hype has made it totally easier for Zimmerman NOT to be convicted. This is the fatal flaw of the effects of social media. This case has been broadcasted all over the place, video and audio evidence has been altered and people who should NOT be speaking to anyone but those sitting in a jury box are blabbing to anyone who will put a microphone in their face. 

So ... How is a prosecutor going to convict Zimmerman when his defense can EASILY show that he can't get a fair trial because this case has been blasted all around the world. How can an impartial jury be selected when blacks and whites are looking only to protect their own?

If Zimmerman walks you can blame ALL media outlets. Broadcasting the news used to be about sharing or presenting facts. Today, they're posting whatever public opinion would want to hear. Everyone is in such a rush to be the first one with the scoop that they'll put out whatever info they get & if it is proven to be bullsh@t, they'll issue a bullsh@t apology and broadcast some NEW bullsh@t.

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