03 May 2012

Am I successful as a Motivational Speaker? OH HELL YEAH!

About a week or so ago, a mother who was at a speech I made a couple years ago tracked me down and e-mailed me. She informed me that when her son was going through some rough times away at college, he had her overnight my book to him to help get him back on track. If that wasn't enough, he has a friend who wants to become a speaker. So ... that mother, her husband, son and friend took me out to dinner & I had a great conversation with them.

You know how people always say, "If I could just help ONE person ... If I could change the life of just ONE person for the better ...?" Well, two years ago I affected a young man so deeply that when the chips were down, he looked for ME & MY words to set him straight.

It's not about the money.
The money will come.
THAT is why I am successful!

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