16 April 2012

THE FIX IS IN ... And It's Hunting Season on the Brothers!!

Okay ... for those who don't watch "The VOICE," the producers threw a curve ball in the game saying that Christina Aguillera & Blake Shelton had to eliminate one person from their teams at the end of the show. It just so happens (ironically) that they BOTH have this season's TWO strongest singers, and BOTH of those singers are brothers

Jesse Campbell
Jermaine Paul
Jesse Campbell (on Aguilera's team) had a HOT album out back in the 90's, but he fell on hard times & fell off.

Jermaine Paul (on Shelton's team) was one of Alicia Key's background singers.

There are some good singers on the other teams as well, but Campbell and Paul were the threats to the game! Here's the thing ... Last season's inaugural winner, Javier Colon, is also a brother.

Initially, I predicted Campbell as winning the second season - but that was before I saw Paul audition later on. So I just knew that it was going to come down to a showdown between those two ... Unless "the fix" got put in.

So week after week, Campbell and Paul were killing the competition. They blew out the teammates they were paired with in the battle rounds and were racking up votes along the way.

So apparently somebody up in the big office pulled out his or her crystal ball and saw that no one was going to take these two out and their votes would keep them in the game. And there wasn't any way they were going to have brothers win the contest two years in a row. SO ... here enters the bullshit they threw in tonight.

At the end of the night Aguilera axed Campbell, and Shelton axed the singer he "saved" a week or so ago who had originally received the least amount of votes. Honestly, Blake's choice was fair and safe. But NOW the fix is in ... Are Jermaine Paul's days numbered?

We shall see. In the interim ... I CALL BULLSHIT!

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Anonymous said...

The difference between reality and "reality" is the survival of the fittest. My mom constantly watches Survivor and I keep telling her its a fraud because the strongest never survive....its always the most cutthroat and conniving people that end up winning.